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How Beirut Digital District Uses RAY

Beirut Digital District Beirut Digital District (aka. BDD), located in the center of Beirut, Lebanon, is a state-of-the-art digital hub, community, and business cluster consisting

The Difference Between a Unit and a Property

When it comes to real estate purchases we need to know our options and study them thoroughly. What is the difference between a property and

Top 5 Tips to Manage Your Property

So, you have a property to rent. You finally took the plunge and now you want to set it up and manage it as best

How to Deal with Move-Ins and Move-Outs During COVID-19

Despite living in uncertainty amidst a global pandemic, one thing remains certain: life will go on as long as the sun rises above the sea.

RAY: 5 Reasons You Wish You Had it Sooner

Finding the right solution for your property management needs might take a while. You want to make sure the solution you pick covers all your

How to Perfectly Manage Move-ins & Move-outs and Gain Tenants’ Trust

Moving houses? The experience of moving your belongings and furniture from one place to another can be quite hectic and time consuming, especially when you

FAQ About Rental Laws in Dubai

1. What are the rental requirements  in the UAE?  Expats (non-Emiratis) looking to rent a house or an apartment in the UAE – whether in

RAY Labs Insights on PropTech History

Across the decades, we face the real estate revolution: from the first property listing website to the vivid digital platforms available nowadays. As history claims,

Real Estate Industry Market Demands

The real estate industry is definitely considered one of the most advanced industries, applying the latest technologies to meet fast-moving market demands. Leveraging up-to-date digital

Here’s Why Property & Community Management Businesses Should Become Digital

Digital technologies are becoming everybody’s obsession, especially real estate companies, coworking spaces, communities and business hubs. These entities are constantly trying to simplify and organize