Fulfill service requests, collect payment, and keep everyone up-to-date

Report Issue

  • Enable members to report an issue and stay up-to-date on the progress
  • Utilize default types of issues covering IT, electrical, mechanical and general matters
  • Add new types of issues or configure issues per type
  • Assign reported issues automatically and/or manually to respective owners
  • Update status of issues and allow all relevant parties to communicate about them
  • Enable community members to rate the level of service provided
  • Archive issues and export reports detailing all their information

Book Space

  • Enable members to check availability and book a space from their device
  • Create and categorize bookable spaces (meeting room, communal space, training room)
  • Approve or grant automatic approval to certain spaces for specific or all members
  • Get notified of required setup and amenities for each booking
  • Make sure spaces are used efficiently by sending confirmation requests
  • Provide timely suggestions to members to cancel or extend their bookings based on previous behaviors or current location

Digital Secretary

  • Greet and register visitors with an iPad Digital Secretary Solution
  • Inform hosts instantaneously of their guests arrival
  • Configure your Digital Secretary to collect visitors’ details and print their badge (requires a printer)
  • Configure your Digital Secretary to inform members of potential deliveries (e.g. food, mail…)

Order Food

  • Enroll food service outlets (restaurants, cafes, etc.)
  • Enable outlets to manage their menus on the app
  • Enable your members to order and pay directly from the app (for delivery or pick up)


  • Create and push a one-time due or recurring dues to members
  • Notify and remind your members of their payments in a timely manner
  • Save your members time and effort through in-app payments

Wallet or Direct Credit Card Payment

  • Allow your members to use cash top-ups with an in-app wallet system
  • Allow direct credit card payments or wallet top-ups by integrating your payment gateway
  • Enable your members to easily settle their dues and pay for in-app services
  • Enable your merchants to accept app-based payments even for non-app requested services

BOT Broadcasts / Smart Messaging

  • Instantly push or schedule notifications to members easily
  • Send a message broadcast, question with choices or with star rating
  • Attach an image, file or video


  • Provide one-to-one communication or group chats creation to members
  • Create group discussions for your members
  • Create public and private channels and assign admins for each


  • Organize events and allow community members to RSVP, register (via external links) or stay informed about events
  • Allow members to add relevant events to their preferred calendars
  • Activate event discussion threads allowing interested members to join and network prior, during and after the event
  • Directly offer and sell event tickets through a ticketing system


  • Publish categorized news to community members
  • Allow members to share their opinion by activating discussion threads
  • Highlight relevant announcements and promote app features

Suggestion Box & Talk to us

  • Enable your members to offer you improvement suggestions classified by type
  • Direct member suggestions in-app or by email to relevant entities
  • Activate the "talk to us" option to initiate direct chats with community members and hear their feedback or concerns

Deals, Polls & Surveys, Phone Directory, Profiles and Links

  • Display your new deals and offers for your members to benefit from
  • Conduct polls or surveys and receive feedback
  • Display emergency and service phone numbers
  • Index entities or individuals for your members to look up and contact
  • Link external relevant sites or apps
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