Here’s Why Property & Community Management Businesses Should Become Digital

2 minutes read

Digital technologies are becoming everybody’s obsession, especially real estate companies, coworking spaces, communities and business hubs. These entities are constantly trying to simplify and organize their operations by improving their interaction with their clients, yet such improvements come with a number of challenges, such as identifying the right tools to smartly manage real estate companies, properties and communities, saving time, optimizing profitability and managing growth. 

The real estate sector is facing challenges figuring out the right technical tool to reduce cost, digitize their entities and integrate it, that is why there are certain elements they need to consider before making their decision: how and why this tool fits their needs, what are its capabilities and features, and how does the user experience journey look like.  

With almost four years of digitization experience under its belt, RAY Labs developed an autonomous and cloud-based platform that offers online property management and tenant management solutions, user-focused communication channels, white-label solutions for brands, third-party integrations, among other services. The platform connects with other existing systems and helps businesses centralize their data and optimize their processes. Through the RAY platform, large organizations can add value to their members by offering lease management, online payment services, efficient communication tools, issue reporting and space booking services as well as visitors’ management.  

“After working with clients across the UAE and GCC, RAY Labs understands the challenges of property management and centralization, and offers the right technical solutions that serve the business, the client and the end-user all in one place,” said Heba Khalil, Managing Partner at RAY Labs. 

“RAY is not about digitization only, it’s also about collecting feedback from property and facility management teams working at reputed firms, and developing an all-on-one platform that helps these firms become more productive, innovative and efficient,” said Ayman Kichly, Founder of RAY Labs. 

In today’s world, one of the biggest business challenges is data security and privacy. As more companies move to centralizing their processes and providing remote services, the need for a cloud-based platform and a seamless connectivity have become the new norm. 

This article was originally published in Construction Business News magazine, November 2020.