How to Perfectly Manage Move-ins & Move-outs and Gain Tenants’ Trust

2 minutes read

Moving houses? The experience of moving your belongings and furniture from one place to another can be quite hectic and time consuming, especially when you are dealing with an impatient landlord or property manager. But do not fret because we are here to help you and help landlords and property managers make the whole transition smoother.  

For starters, as a landlord or property manager, you must go digital. 

Going digital allows tenants, management team and employees to seamlessly coordinate, communicate, and organize everything online, while keeping all transactions transparent, hence increasing your tenants’ trust in the management team. Going digital will also enable tenants to settle any outstanding payments easily, sign a lease agreement and stay up to date on current events and activities. 

Below are a few steps explaining how going digital can help with move-ins and move-outs, while building trust amongst your tenants. 

The first step would be to automate the leasing process and make it straightforward. Due to COVID-19, such action is deemed necessary and logical.  Giving tenants the  option to sign and renew lease agreements digitally reveals  a social responsibility towards their overall health. 

The second step would be to set up building or unit management, especially if you have more than one property/unit. This is necessary to guarantee a fair management process: showing an equal amount of care and knowledge about each property, organizing move-outs and unit availability, following up on payments and communicating openly are all great factors that will increase tenants’ trust.

Last but not least, you must come up with a one-stop solution for your clients, creating an online community that can interact, work and manage work in a safe and remote environment. 
This one-stop solution is key to guarantee your clients are happy, safe and healthy, and is necessary to establish an open communication across management. A successful execution will most likely encourage them to spread the word about their great experiences and ultimately contribute to growing your business. If you’re looking for such a one-stop solution, we recommend using RAY.