Apartment Management App

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An apartment management app is an easier way to benefit from what property management software has to offer. Property managers, more specifically, apartment managers, are constantly overwhelmed with the number of tasks they have to handle on a daily basis. In order to be able to easily manage multiple apartments, whether leased or not, apartment managers have to look for solutions that will digitize their processes. This is the main purpose of an apartment management app. Such an app offers property managers solutions and features that are accessible at any time and just clicks away. 

In this article, we will cover the most important features to look for in an apartment management app, important characteristics to look out for, advantages of an apartment management app, and a tenant’s perspective on using it. 

Features to Look Out For in an Apartment Management App

In order to strongly benefit from an apartment management app, it has to have some essential features. These features will offer digitalized solutions for the most time consuming and effort-requiring tasks that property managers have to go through. 

Here is a list of essential features every property manager should look out for to manage his or her apartments:

Services are online
When the apartment management app is run online, it means that it relies on cloud storage. This is an indicator that all of the information is securely stored, with minimal to no risks of theft or account breach. Another advantage is accessibility. Since the app is cloud-based, the user, or property manager, can access the platform wherever and whenever they want. Their information and any updates will be automatically saved. 

Communication channels
Contacting tenants and constantly reminding them of their dues is a challenging task for property managers. This is why it is important to look for an apartment management app that offers a communication channel between the property manager and the tenant. Through it, property managers can send messages to their tenants, as well as have the app send notifications reminding them of upcoming dues. 

Maintenance and issue reporting
To make sure that the apartment is always presentable and habitable to new tenants, property managers need to maintain their apartments. Therefore, having a maintenance and issue reporting service integrated within the apartment management app will relieve property managers from the hassle of constantly trying to set up maintenance. 

When a property manager wants to rent his or her apartment, inspections should be carried out to make sure that the space is habitable. Also, upon moving out of the tenant, the property manager has to inspect the apartment to make sure that the space is undamaged and offers a proper living space for the next tenant. With inspections being such an essential step in the property manager’s routine, having the apartment management app will facilitate the process of scheduling such inspections. 

Integration capabilities
Being a property manager means having a long system, consisting of many steps to complete. Integrating all of the property manager’s systems into the apartment software app will provide them with multiple advantages. First, they can access their systems at any time. Second, they can work on completing any necessary tasks or finishing a process without having to be bound in their working space. Third, they will be able to easily access and be aware of any changes in any part of their system. 

Online documents
Managing and leasing apartments means there are a lot of documents and contracts to stay ahold of. However, since an apartment management app offers digitized solutions, property managers should look out for e-documents and e-contracts capabilities. This will relieve the property manager of the pile of papers constantly present at his or her desk. 

Important Characteristics Every Apartment Management App Should Have 

Having such features that guarantee an easy process for property managers is important. However, if the apartment management app lacks certain characteristics, then the app will be hard to use and will do more harm than good to the property manager’s experience. 

Here is a list of characteristics that every apartment management app should have to provide property managers with a positive experience:

Sometimes, when mobile apps become complicated to use, users tend to delete them. However, when property managers are looking for an apartment management app, there is a high chance that they are in dire need of it. When an app is user-friendly and easy to use, property managers will continue to use it. 

Since the PropTech industry is still relatively new, it may be challenging for some new users to fully leverage the apartment management software. Therefore, if the team behind the app is offering training sessions for new property managers, then the property manager will be relieved of having to discover the app by himself or herself. So, property managers should always look for apartment management apps that offer training to relieve them of the extra task of having to figure out the app themselves. 

Customer support
Even though the property manager got the necessary training, he or she is highly likely to have questions along the way. Therefore, it is essential for the apartment management app to have reliable customer support; that is, getting back to the property manager in a short period of time and providing him or her with all the necessary information at once. 

Advantages of an Apartment Management App

Like everything else, using an apartment management app has its advantages and its disadvantages. However, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. 

Here are some advantages of using an apartment management app:

Digitalized solutions
Everything in the world is advancing. It is important for every property manager to adapt to his or her surroundings, which are constantly developing and technologically advancing. Therefore, digitizing operations and processes, by using an apartment management app, will help in achieving this adaptation. 

Real-time notifications
When working offline, things might be slow. Property managers might receive information later than they would like. However, by using an apartment management app, property managers will be able to receive real-time notifications and be directly notified of any changes or requests their tenants require. This feature is also beneficial for tenants using the app. When they have any amount due, or any scheduled event or reminder, the apartment management app will immediately notify them. 

Facilitated payments
Payment processes may be overwhelming between property managers and their tenants. However, when using an apartment management app, it may offer two solutions. The first solution is online payment. This method is the most common one, and the easiest to use. With the integration capabilities of the app, online payments and transfers are easily done. The second solution is cash collection, which is exclusive to property management companies that have offices tenants can visit. Sometimes, when tenants are late to pay their monthly dues, property managers will be dreaded with the task of reminding them to pay and collect the rent. However, with an online payment method, the property managers will securely collect the amount due and make sure that the tenants pay on time. 

Working remotely
Instead of having to constantly roam around to complete the tasks, property managers using an apartment management app will be able to complete most of their tasks on this app, from the comfort of their office or their home. Therefore, the app acts as an all-on-one platform where property managers do all their work. 

What is a Good Apartment Management App?

Now that we have covered the most essential topics to know about using an apartment management app, property managers still have to find the most appropriate one to use. While there are many good apps to try, RAY is a good one to adopt into every property manager’s routine. 

RAY is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that offers easy-to-use solutions for property managers who aim to digitize their work processes. RAY’s many features and services make it an ultimate property management tool. By using RAY as an apartment management app, property managers are guaranteed to have an easy-to-use app available to them anywhere, at any time. 

In order to try it out for yourself, you can request the free trial that RAY offers, or simply request a demo. The friendly team behind RAY will get back to you as soon as they can.

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