Does my Coworking Space Need an Online Platform?

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Does my Coworking Space Need an Online Platform? 

In short, definitely! 

In this day and age, there’s an application for anything and everything, and with good reason. Applications are great at saving us time in our daily grind by making it easier and more convenient for us to achieve things. The same rings true for Coworking Space platforms. Whether you are the manager of this type of space or a customer, the benefits are inevitable. 

Let’s explore how Coworking Spaces with branded applications are reaping the benefits and using them to improve their business performance and their customer experience. 

Streamlining Day-to-day Operations

The right application will be part of a powerful platform that can help you streamline day-to-day operations at your coworking space. In your average day without the platform, you are manually taking bookings, checking for free office/desk space, collecting payments, guessing what rooms or items need maintenance, filing endless paperwork, making sure customers have what they need, and so much more. It’s a lot of work, with a lot of room for error. 

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With an app, you can automate almost all your work. With booking and payment features, customers can easily book available desks, offices, or conference rooms, including needed amenities, and pay on the spot. This feature alone could give you the time you need to focus on more valuable work, like filling empty spaces, making clients out of customers, and opportunities to improve your space. 

Collecting Valuable Data

When services become available online, it becomes much easier to collect accurate data on your business. Behind the scenes, a great app will offer you the reporting and dashboards you need for a complete overview of how your business is performing—where you are excelling, and where you need to dedicate some time and effort. 

The kind of data you will have access to when you switch to an app will also decrease the variance between projected and actual earnings. Here is an example of what you can expect when you invest in your very own platform:

Making Your Business More Accessible 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. People love mobile apps. Having your own application will make it easy for clients to use your space. All they need to do is log in, book their desks or office space, pay online, and show up. The process is convenient for everyone involved. 

With an app, you can minimize the number of steps and time needed for a customer to show up at your place of business, and that’s winning. People of today are looking for easy and efficient ways to get the things they want. 

Promote Interaction & Communication

The right app can promote interaction and communication between you and your customers. The way we see it is that you could choose to allow clients the space to communicate with you about your space, sharing their needs, feedback, and more. This will help them feel like they are part of improvements and a part of the community. 

But, you could also think bigger and choose to create a space for clients to interact with one another. This type of communication will promote networking, build working relationships and friendships, and ultimately nurture a sense of belonging, fulfillment, and loyalty in your space. And isn’t that the goal of a Coworking Space, to add value to clients who are looking for a place to grow their business? 

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider investing in an application for your Coworking Space. The only question you should really be asking is which one?