Apartment Management Software

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Managing multiple apartments can get stressful; you have to get all your tasks organized and done, while maintaining all your apartments in optimal condition and keeping your tenants satisfied. As an apartment manager, you have many tasks to get done, from marketing the available apartments and booking viewing requests, to managing the leasing process and finances.

Keeping track and managing all your obligations is no simple feat; unless you are equipped with the correct tools. Using an apartment management software will assist you in automating essential procedures and streamlining operations, making your work a lot simpler. 

What is an Apartment Management Software?

An apartment management software, put simply, is a platform that assists apartment managers and landlords in keeping track of their:

  • Apartments 
  • Residents
  • Accounts
  • Finances
  • Owners

Additionally, apartment management software also provides functionalities to simplify lease management by digitalizing the process entirely, up until the lease signing which is also done electronically. Some other functions include screening potential tenants, listing the vacant apartment and receiving payments online. Many apartment management software is available as applications on mobile phones. 

Popular Functions Available on Apartment Management Software

Every apartment management system has its very own array of functions. However, they normally fall into three sections which are:

Accounting functions

The accounting functions aid your business in a variety of ways through the performance of some tasks:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax filing
  • Transfer of funds electronically
  • Tracking payables and receivables
Operations function

As we can gather from the name, this function allows apartment managers to seamlessly carry out their operations. Some examples capabilities and features are:

  • Store and share crucial documents with both landlords and their residents.
  • Provide you with a professional website where you would be able to promote your listings online.
  • The owner’s application provides the owner with access to important information.
  • Tracking all maintenance and repair issues that may come up.
  • Has unlimited user accounts in order to be able to access it virtually from anywhere, in addition to giving your team access to the needed information.
Leasing and management function

Many functions fall under leasing and management; some many include:

  • Storing of documents
  • Marketing the apartments
  • Rental applications
  • Electronic signatures

These are the general categories of the functions of apartment management software, and some of them are quite necessary. 

Necessary Features for Apartment Management Software

There are many apartment management software options out there to choose from, and you as an apartment manager might get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right one. To make things easier, some features are seen as essential to have in your apartment management system to run all your tasks smoothly.

Having a cloud system

Having all the data stored on the cloud gives apartment managers the ability to work remotely from anywhere; and stores the data on a secure network. This saves on cost, since you would not need any physical servers that require a team of IT specialists in order to install and maintain them. Having your apartment management software cloud-based makes the process more accessible and flexible. With all the needed information being online, apartment managers can work anywhere they like.

Having the apartment management software accessible on mobile devices

In this day and age, being able to do all your tasks on your phone is a benefit. And as an apartment manager you do not have much free time; you continually meet with potential tenants, run inceptions on the apartments and constantly move from one place to another. Therefore, it is necessary for your apartment management system to be accessible on mobile devices, to assist you  in carrying out your tasks effectively and efficiently. Everything that you might need from your apartment management software is a click away.

Seamless communication

Easy and quick communication between all the parties that are involved is essential, since it gives a better customer experience. Communication is vital for creating and maintaining a good relationship. The minimum that your apartment management software should have is automated messages, as well as tenant and owner access in order for your clients to be able to log in to see real-time updates on the apartment and any financial information. 

Maintenance and issue reporting

Another very important aspect that apartment managers need to care for is maintenance and issue reports. It is a very important feature to have in your apartment management software. Being able to report everything on the software, you can track every job from beginning to end. Whether it is adding photos for jobs to be done, allocating the jobs to the right people, or messaging suppliers… All your tasks can be done on your apartment management software. 

Conducting inspections

Regular inspections are critical for the upkeep of your apartment. It is also fundamental to perform move in and move out inspections. Your apartment management software will streamline the process so that you would not need to waste time dividing how to oversee all the apartments. The software will also create entry and exit reports as well as inspection reports. 

Seamless data transfer

A good apartment management software should have a feature that allows apartment managers to transfer your portfolio information seamlessly from one software to another. Having a software to do the data transfer for you eliminates the occurrence of human error during the process. 

Able to integrate with external systems

No apartment management software is perfect for every apartment manager. That’s why making sure your software is able to integrate with other external systems is important. That way if you have a system that you are working on, or the system you bought has a missing feature that you need, you could easily just merge both systems. By integrating the systems, apartment managers are able to create their most ideal framework. 

There are numerous apartment management software out there, and they all offer a variety of features. You as an apartment manager should see what the tasks that you struggle with the most are, or the tasks that are most time consuming for you, and look for an apartment management software with features that solve these problems.


In whatever way you look at it, using an apartment management software will ease the entire process of apartment management and make it faster and much more efficient. It will help you reach your business goals by keeping all your tasks organized and giving you the ability to get everything done on a single platform.

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