How to Deal with Move-Ins and Move-Outs During COVID-19

2 minutes read

Despite living in uncertainty amidst a global pandemic, one thing remains certain: life will go on as long as the sun rises above the sea. People will go back to their offices and to their families, some might change jobs and others might move out, either to be closer to their loved ones during these times or to take on a new job opportunity. 

While moving during a pandemic can seem daunting, for both the tenant and the property management team, it is still feasible to manage the entire process while respecting the social distancing measures. Below are some tips we’ve gathered to help ensure that even with everything going on, you can continue to move and flourish.

1. Make things as digital as possible 

By enabling your tenants and property management team to access everything they need digitally, you can keep the face-to-face interactions to a minimum. Thankfully, in today’s golden age of technology, online conferencing solutions can come in handy should your tenants require any further assistance. Having your team and your tenants’ best interest in mind during this time shows that you care about who you work with and about their wellbeing, and this will translate into happy tenants who spread the word about your business and contribute to its growth. 

Going digital can be super easy if you find the right solution for you. Learn more about the benefits of these different solutions by clicking here.

2. Clean & Disinfect 

As much as it’s important to wash our hands and sanitize our personal properties, it’s equally important to clean & disinfect units & properties both before a move-in and after a move-out. You can hire a reputable cleaning company or pull up your sleeves and get to work yourself!  

The COVID-19 virus can remain on surfaces for days so even if you cleaned before you moved, it’s better to sanitize all your things while unpacking. 

Hiring a cleaning company can be done at the push of a button with RAY’s property management solution. Make all the housekeeping requests you need while keeping a safe distance. 

3. Locate your nearest testing center 

While you may be taking all the precautions you can, it is important to locate your nearest  testing center. If you’re moving over ‘state’ lines, or internationally, it is even more important that you know because you don’t know how a city is taking precautions until you see it for yourself. 

Wear your protective gear, wash and disinfect yourself and your things, and try to stay as socially distant as you can while you settle. 

4. Stay in contact with your property management team 

Staying in contact allows you both to better communicate any possible outbreaks nearby, know what restrictions and preventions they’re taking, and how they can help you during this time. 

Additionally, while running a property during these times can seem harder than usual, it’s important to keep the tenants in mind. By communicating frequently with them, you are earning their trust and creating a transparent environment, which enables them to make informed decisions on how to move forwards. 

Keep in mind that this is uncharted territory for all of us, so for everyone’s sake, keep a safe distance, wear a mask and communicate regularly with all parties to make the moving process easier. 

Stay safe!