Property Management Solution

Before going into the details explaining what a property management solution should consist of, let us start with what property management is and its importance.

What is Property Management?

 Property management refers to overseeing and management of various commercial, residential, and industrial real estate. Property managers are generally responsible for these tasks; which include a wide range of activities. From taking care of day-to-day operations, such as security, repairs and maintenance, to collect rent and tenant satisfaction. They need to keep-up with multiple properties; since property managers typically work for vendors of investment properties, which include apartments, private home communities, condominium complexes, industrial parks, and shopping centers.

So, property managers have a number of responsibilities:

  • Finding possible tenants
  • Preparing, confirming and renewing leases
  • Rent collection
  • Maintaining the property
  • Scheduling all the required repairs and maintenance issues

With property management, landlords are able to ease all the stress that arises from managing the properties.

Effective and efficient property management is possibly the finest way to decrease risk and move forward. With good property management you would be able to track and upsurge return on investment (ROI), boost the living quality of your tenants, ensure safety, and many more.

Concerns That Arise for Property Managers

 While maintaining multiple properties it can get difficult keeping everything in track. However, property managers have many tasks that need to be done.

Firstly, property managers need to manage their tenants. When it comes to managing your tenants, communication is essential, as well as developing a good relationship with them. Being able to smoothly connect and converse with your tenants can make a vast difference. Poor communication can be detrimental. Since property managers need to communicate with numerous stakeholders; open communication is vital for the job to run smoothly. This is especially important when it comes to large residential and commercial areas.

Managing leases and rents is one of the main responsibilities of a property manager. This involves establishing the rental rate, collecting the payments, and making sure all the activities are done on time. In addition to being in charge of managing the budget of the property and other important records. These include the property budget, organizing all the tenant leases and rents, their complaints, any maintenance and repair issues’ cost, and any other circumstance that might arise. While managing tenants is a lot, property managers also need to be aware of the condition of the property and the activities that are occurring in it. Using an online property management solution would make the process simpler and easier.

Furthermore, property managers need to stay on top of everything; managing the property, operations, payments, and services. They must know what is happening at all times in order to solve any emerging issues and to be able to avoid or lessen future issues.

Having said all these, it might seem there are so many different tasks to be done, and staying on top of all of them might seem problematic. However, RAY offers property managers an all-on-one property management solution. Acquiring a property management solution gives property managers an effective and efficient way to take care of all their concerns. RAY is the property management solution that will resolve all property managers’ concerns. 

Why Get RAY?

RAY is a cloud-based SaaS property management solution, created to ease the minds of landlords and their tenants. RAY offers a wide range of services to ensure property managers’ utmost comfort and peace of mind. RAY helps automate and digitalize property and tenant management; providing property managers with property management solutions to any issues they might be facing.

Due to RAY’s extensive variety of features, your property management solution is at your fingertips. RAY’s features include:

  • Property Management
  • Operations Management
  • Payments
  • Services Management
  • Communication
  • Integrations

Property Management

When it comes to property management RAY has you covered in all aspects: leasing and invoicing, property marketplace, viewing and booking requests, move-in and move-out inspections, and a property dashboard. Property managers will be able stay on track on everything. Whether it is creating a digital lease, scheduling and tracking payments, or getting key revenue metrics and monitoring key performance indicators (KPI), RAY is your ultimate property management solution. This means that property managers are able to track all their metrics from the property management dashboard, as well as get instant information about any units or apartments that are available for rent. Property managers can also schedule and manage any property viewings and booking requests.

Operations Management

Managing all the operations of the property might be a hassle, be it reporting maintenance and repairing issues, or managing and monitoring deliveries. By using RAY’s visitor admission property management solution, you are always aware if a third-party were to enter the vicinity. RAY’s visitor admissions feature allows the registration and admission of visitors, then notifies the host and gathers the visitors’ information. Additionally, using RAY’s maintenance management feature, receiving and managing issue reports and maintenance tasks can be easily done directly from the platform. RAY’s platform offers quick and easy property management solutions.


RAY’s payment feature simplifies payments by replacing physical transactions with online. Furthermore, RAY sends tenants automatic payments reminders so that no payments are overdue. In addition to that, RAY allows setting up subscription plans for services and facilities, with a fully automated system that can be integrated with any accounting system. Property managers don’t need to worry about constantly following-up with every tenant, since RAY sends them reminders of when dues need to be paid and can be paid directly on the platform.

Service Management

Booking amenities, restaurants, cafes, and shops has never been easier. With RAY’s services management features, tenants can book and order food or items through the app, and admins can manage everything online using the CMS. Having everything listed on the RAY’s property management solution makes booking spaces, ordering from local shops and eateries, and paying online considerably smoother.


RAY’s communication services offer effortlessness and rapid communication between all the stakeholders. Sharing events, news, highlights or updates, and sending messages to all residents or specific target groups, has become more effective and efficient. RAY’s offerings don’t stop there. To ensure satisfaction, or raise any concerns or complaints, RAY offers a polls and surveys feature that enables property managers to gather feedback from their tenants. Easing the communication between property managers and tenants promotes a good and casual relationship between the two.


Finally, RAY’s property management solution can smoothly be integrated with any:

  • Payment gateways
  • Accounting systems
  • Door access systems
  • Other external  IT systems

Get RAY as Your Property Management Solution 

Use RAY, your ultimate property management solution, to resolve all your property management concerns.  Learn more on GETRAY.COM