Author: Toni Haydamous

How Beirut Digital District Uses RAY

Beirut Digital District Beirut Digital District (aka. BDD), located in the center of Beirut, Lebanon, is a state-of-the-art digital hub, community, and business cluster consisting

The Difference Between a Unit and a Property

When it comes to real estate purchases we need to know our options and study them thoroughly. What is the difference between a property and

Lease Management System

What is Lease Management? Lease management, also referred to as lease administration, is the process of following up, developing, and managing each characteristic of a

Online Property Management Software

An online property management software is a digital platform that offers solutions to property managers who are having a hard time managing their tasks. It

Property Management Tool

Managing properties can get pretty stressful, and many property managers often feel that they sometimes lose track of all the tasks that need to be

Online Apartment Management

What is Apartment Management? Apartment management is the process of managing your residence as well as managing the tenants. An apartment manager, the person who

Online Lease Management Software

An online lease management software is software that helps property managers digitize their leasing operations. Such software, also known as property management software, usually offers

Commercial Real Estate Management

Commercial real estate is a real estate market that focuses on providing spaces for business purposes. Unlike commercial real estate, residential real estate aims at

Apartment Management App

An apartment management app is an easier way to benefit from what property management software has to offer. Property managers, more specifically, apartment managers, are

Apartment Management Software

Managing multiple apartments can get stressful; you have to get all your tasks organized and done, while maintaining all your apartments in optimal condition and